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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ | Kinderland
For infants and non-toilet trained children, parents provide diapers and wipes. Please bring in a bottle or sippy cup for children under two years old. You do not need to bring in nap blankets or sheets, but may bring in a special blanket if your child would like one for nap. Please keep a change of clothes at day care in case of accidents.
We participate in CACFP, the Child and Adult Care Food Program. We provide breakfast, lunch, afternoon, and late afternoon snacks which meet all nutritional requirements and guidelines for exceptional child care programs. Infants are offered Kirkland brand formula and baby food. We coordinate with families to introduce cereals and jarred baby foods at the same rate they are introduced at home. We maintain food allergy/intolerance lists and will provide appropriate substitutes. Please see our Community Page.
Professional Affiliations – “This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”
Our educational day care center is closed all major holidays: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We reserve the right to alter the Christmas Eve holiday to create a four day weekend when possible. If a holiday falls on a weekend, we will celebrate the Friday prior or the Monday after.
All of our teachers are fully qualified according to Licensing standards. Our teachers exceed minimum requirements, and many have college degrees.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible with your changing schedules. Drop-in child care may be available for Preschool age children 2 years and up, when Kinderland is not at maximum enrollment. Currently in our Infant Center we have a 3 day per week minimum attendance policy, but the days used can be flexible. Please notify us as soon as you know what your expected attendance is, or changes to a current schedule, so we can properly plan staffing.

Redirection for younger children, “thinking chair” for older children when redirection isn’t successful. If needed, we will always work with you to develop behavior plans for “spirited” children.
Only the people you list on your emergency card will be allowed to pick up your child, and we require a picture ID if we do not know the person.
Children will be sent home if we suspect any contagious condition such as pink eye, lice, or a suspicious-looking rash. If a child vomits more than once, has diarrhea more than once, or has a fever over 100 degrees, they will be sent home. Children must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to care. A child sent home from day care with a suspected contagious condition will require a doctor clearance before returning.