Our Staff

Kinderland’s administrative team consists of highly educated, well-qualified, and experienced child care staff.

Mrs. Wilson (Susan), Owner/Director since 2004

Mrs. Wilson | Staff | Kinderland

Susan obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 1983 and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration in 1990. She worked with elementary and Jr. High students for nearly 20 years, including six years as an elementary school principal, before changing her focus to the important job of educating young children. She and her husband purchased Kinderland and opened in April of 2004, creating the excellent opportunity to educate and raise her own children (now 12 and 16) in a quality educational child care center.

She now stays very active in childhood education. She has been a board member with CCAEYC (California Cascade Association for the Education of Young Children) for several years, and is currently serving as president. Susan helped start a parent music booster organization at Mountain View Middle School and served as secretary on that board for three years.

Scott Wilson, Owner/Administrator since 2004

Mr. Scott | Staff | Kinderland

Scott served in the Air Force for 11 years before working as an Air Traffic Controller in the private sector. For the past 15 years, he has worked as the Air Traffic Manager at the Redding Municipal Airport. Scott handles all of the payroll, income tax, and insurance matters for the business.

In his spare time he enjoys working on projects around the house. He has overseen the complete remodel of the interior of his home, has redone much of the outdoor landscaping, and has remodeled his pool house into a fully functioning guest room.

Miss Karen, Office Manager since 2004

Miss Karen | Staff | Kinderland

Karen has managed several other offices, has 25 years of experience, and has also worked at Kinderland since they opened in 2004. She has excellent financial skills, is efficient, extremely organized, and is always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help our day care clients with their variable and changing schedules.

When asked what she likes about working with children, she replied, “I love seeing their personalities develop and they say the greatest things.” At the day care center, she enjoys walking through the facility and having the kids run up and give her hugs. She feels her co-workers are awesome and that makes it fun to come to work. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, camping, boating, reading, puzzles, and spending time with her family.

Miss Theresa, Assistant Director (since 2014) – employed since 2012

Miss Theresa | Staff | Kinderland

Education — Shasta College
Child Care Experience — 3 yrs

Favorite saying — “Once you’ve eliminated the impossible, the remaining – however improbable – must be the truth”

She loved the environment so much she started the educational process to be able to teach here. In her spare time she enjoys baking, singing, and playing with her children. She likes that Kinderland is not just a day care; it’s a learning environment with curriculum. She loves to see children learn, and she loves to play with kids.

Miss Cyndi – employed since 2004+

Miss Cyndi | Staff | Kinderland

Education — A.A. degree in E.C.E.
Child Care Experience — 17 yrs

Miss Cyndi has taught the PreKindergarten class at Kinderland’s child care center since our opening. Her level of patience with children is amazing! She loves everything about children; she finds them great and challenging. In her spare time she loves to work on crafts and spend time with her family and friends.

Miss Holly – employed since 2007

Miss Holly | Staff | Kinderland

Education — 14 units of ECE
Child Care Experience — 22 yrs

Favorite saying — “No worries.”

Miss Holly has 22 years experience with 14 ECE units from school in Ventura County, CA. She enjoys art, music, books, her garden, traveling, hiking, and to BBQ with her family in her free time. She is a good day care teacher because she loves to learn, not just for herself but for others too. She loves her two-year-olds because of their sense of wonder and fun curiousness of things. She likes working at Kinderland’s day care center because she loves to learn different teaching styles from co-teachers and her time working with the children and their families. She also loves to learn about other cultures past and present and majored in US History.

Miss Eilene – employed since 2007

Miss Eilene | Staff | Kinderland

Experience as a cook — 14 yrs
Favorite saying — “Can’t never could.”

She loves everything about working for Kinderland; there are great people to work with and for. She loves to watch movies in her free time. She loves to work with children because they are cute.

Ms. Mynette – employed since 2013

Ms. Mynette | Staff | Kinderland

Education — AA, ECE
Child Care Experience — 20 years

Favorite sayings — “Live, Laugh, Love.”

Ms. Mynette loves working with children and their families, making a positive impact on their lives. She has three children of her own and one grandchild. She loves going to music concerts, Nascar races, and the ocean in her spare time. One day she will open up a drive-in theater (like the gook old days).

Miss Tawnya – employed since 2013

Miss Tawnya | Staff | Kinderland

Education — 12 ECE Units – Shasta College
Child Care Experience — 14 years

Favorite sayings — “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Miss Tawnya loves spending time with her family; going on walks, camping, and swimming. In her spare time she enjoys doing various arts and crafts or watching T.V. and relaxing with a cup of coffee.

Miss Diane – employed since 2014

Miss Diane | Staff | Kinderland

Education — 32 ECE units
Child Care Experience — 25 yrs

Favorite saying — “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” — Plato

Miss Diane is a family first kind of person who loves to volunteer for Shine Hospital in her free time. She likes that Kinderland is diverse with common goals. Diane also loves to watch kids learn and listen to each child.

Miss Kim – employed since 2015+

Miss Kim | Staff | Kinderland

Education — Shasta College
Child Care Experience — 18 yrs

Favorite saying — “Life is not measured by the number of breaths but by the moments that take our breath away”

Miss Kim likes the ocean, surfing, and fishing. She loves working with children because she loves seeing the light go on in their eyes when they understand something. What makes her a good teacher is that she listens to the children and tries to develop curriculum that matches their needs. What she likes most about Kinderland is that it is a wonderful place to feel at home.

Mr. Bryan – employed since 2015

Mr. Bryan | Staff | Kinderland

Education — High School
Child Care Experience — 3 years

Favorite sayings — “Always be keep going?” – Anonymous

He likes hockey and pottery.

Mr. Josh – employed since 2016

Mr. Josh | Staff | Kinderland

Education — High School
Child Care Experience — 2 years

Favorite sayings — “History is written by the victors.”

He enjoys playing on his computer with his friends and appreciates a quality sailing ship.

Miss Krisy – employed since 2017

Miss Krisy | Staff | Kinderland

Education — AS Human Development, Pursuing BA Psych, ECE
Child Care Experience — 30 years of being a mom, 9 a grandma, and 6 years in ECE field

Favorite sayings — “It’s alright mate, we can do this.”

Miss Krisy decided to go back to college when she started having little grandchildren come into her life. Her reason for choosing the ECE field was to become a better and more constructive grandparent. In her family she is called “Ama.” Her goal is to get into child therapy and work with children of crisis, trauma, and family/social dilemma.

Miss Brianna – employed since 2017

Miss Brianna | Staff | Kinderland

Education — ECE Degree
Child Care Experience — 4 years

Favorite sayings — “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

Miss Brianna absolutely love children of all ages. Her favorite subject is art time. She loves creating new, fun ways to learn.

Miss Krystle – employed since 2018

Miss Krystle | Staff | Kinderland

Education — 3 ECE classes and continuing to become a speech pathologist.
Child Care Experience — New to care, has taught children Tae Kwon DO for 15 years.

Favorite sayings — Hakunah Matata!

Miss Krystle enjoys going to the lake, playing volleyball, and training in martial arts. Children are her favorite people.

Mr. Malachi – employed since 2018

Mr. Malachi | Staff | Kinderland

Education — 12 ECE Units
Child Care Experience — New to care

Favorite sayings — “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” – Albus Dumbledore

Mr. Malachi loves working with kids and being a kid himself at times too.

Miss Jennifer – employed since 2018

Miss Jennifer | Staff | Kinderland

Education — ECE Degree
Child Care Experience — 9 years

Favorite sayings — “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

Miss Jennifer was a stay at home mom for 10 years, and decided she loves kids so much she wanted to become a teacher. She loves singing, art, and language.

Miss Christine – employed since 2018

Miss Christine | Staff | Kinderland

Education — ECE units Shasta College, CMA from Lake College
Child Care Experience — 15 years

Favorite sayings — Work hard, play hard.

Miss Christine is a mom of 3, and loves children and the elderly.

Miss Teresa – employed since 2018

Miss Teresa | Staff | Kinderland

Education — B.S. Elementary Education; 39 credits in ECE
Child Care Experience — 14 years

Favorite sayings — “You can never have enough grandmothers.”

Miss Teresa has been married for 34 years, has two children, two grandchildren, and loves to cook and work in her garden.

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