Hands-On Science Fun for Families

Beginning in January, ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum, home to more than 100 exhibits, is implementing their “$1 First Sundays” program to encourage more families to spend their free time learning and exploring at the hands-on museum. With themed weekends and ongoing fun year-round, that makes a family road trip to Ashland, Oregon–where the museum is located–both an educational adventure and an asset to the family budget.

“ScienceWorks is for people of all ages and all cultures,” says Executive Director Chip Lindsey. “There is something for everyone here. Our job is to make it as accessible as possible.” in 2015 ScienceWorks offered a similar program on Wednesdays that was a great success, but working parents and those traveling to the museum from other counties found it difficult to take advantage of the program. “We hope that by changing the discounted admission day to Sunday, we’ll see even more families learning together every month.”

Reaching out to more families is part of the museum’s larger mission to inspire wonder and stimulate creative exploration of science and the arts. For 13 years the museum has built a reputation as an excellent for science education. “We know that valuable learning also takes place outside of school,” Lindsey says. “And we know that the greatest predictor of someone pursuing a science of math degree in college is developing a love of science and math when they are young.” Families, according to Lindsey, are the key. Whether it’s a teenager wanting to learn more about how to design an airplane or a toddler just learning to explore the world, having fun with family and friends is the best way for young people to find what really sparks their interest.

The new $1 First Sundays start January 3, with $1 admission for visitors 2 and up. Regular admission rates are $8 for children ages 1-12 and senior citizens, $10 for teens and adults. The museum is located at 1500 East Main St., Ashland and is open Wednesday – Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm during the school year. For more information about ScienceWorks programs and events, visit www.scienceworksmuseum.org or call 541-482-6767.