Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis)–the ookey gookey eyeball

Pinkeye is a common occurrence at schools and daycares. It is an inflammation of the conjuctiva, which is the thin clear tissue that lies over the white part of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid. It has a number of different causes, including: bacteria; irritants such as shampoos, dirt, smoke, and pool chlorine; and allergies, like dust, …

“Discipline That Works” program for parents and caregivers

Fathers, Mothers, and All Adults Taking Care of Children DISCIPLINE THAT WORKS Triple P Based Help Addressing Children of All Age Groups Drop in Format: Come once or come often! Free group with free child care. Every Wednesday 6:00 – 7:30 PM Bridges To Success Cottage, 1544 Magnolia Street, Redding, CA 96001 Call: 225-0350 for more information. Funded by: Shasta …

LICE!!!! The creepy-crawlies

Lice is a common problem that all parents can face at some point in their child-raising life experience. Lice are a nuisance, and is not uncommon. People with children know all about lice, either from their child being infested, or from friends and family at school. Although it is still mainly associated with poverty and poor hygiene, it affects millions of people …

The Little Tumble Academy, Inc

Kinderland has an opportunity for your child, ages 2-6, to participate in weekly gymnastics classes as an enrichment program for 20 minutes each week. We bring the class to your child! Our full size school bus is converted into a gymnastics gym for children, and will be parked at Kinderland each week for class. This 30 minute weekly class is …

Understanding Why and What to Do When Children Bite

Children, like adults, experience strong feelings of fear, anger, frustration, and guilt, but it can’t be tolerated at any age. It isn’t safe, socially acceptable, or conducive to a positive environment. Toddlers who have limited language skills or ways to express their feelings are most likely to bite. Preschoolers may also bite occasionally. They often need more time to move …

Garden Activities

The Kinderland garden is coming right along and the kids are having a great time with it!  Here are some great craft ideas for your home gardening.

The St. Jude trike-a-thon results are in!

Our annual St. Jude’s trike-a-thon was a blast! The kids all had so much fun and the weather was beautiful. We are happy to say we raised our highest amount yet with $1615. We would like to thank all our families who participated and also would like to give a special thank you to the Getchell family for raising $1310 …

The annual St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is this week

The annual trike-a-thon is coming up this Friday. This will be our 9th year participating in raising money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The children are learning biking safety this week and are excited to ride this Friday. Donations for the event can be made in the office.

Egg Shell Sidewalk Chalk

Spring will be here before we know it. Here is a recipe for  sidewalk chalk that uses egg shells.

Thankful Tree Decoration

Thanksgiving will be here next week!  Here is a  fun and simple project to share the meaning of Thanksgiving with your child. Just follow this link to the Spoonful website.